Designing for organizational sustainability and climate action.

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We are a sustainability consultancy supporting African organizations, start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses to innovate and operate sustainably across the economic, environmental, ethical and social aspects of doing business.

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Sustainable Solution

 At the heart of our services is the advancement of organizational development through sustainable design, as such, our goal is to empower you to take action towards regenerative design and climate action, cutting across the three major sectors of sustainable business development; economic, social and environmental.

System Thinking

We approach our services from a systems perspective that moves from addressing our clients' issues to evaluating the effect our approaches will have on the whole organizational structure, ensuring that we deliver holistic solutions with an enterprise-wide sustainable effect.


We are transforming the way consultancy works by walking the talk with our clients and providing support throughout the life cycle of our solutions from design to deployment and monitoring.

We are committed to incorporating circular and systemic design thinking into all aspects of business operations in order to have a sustainable impact on the world.

Ultimately, we are pioneering a culture of sustainable business development in Africa, businesses with strong economic, environmental and social impact foundations to ensure their longevity and relevance.

We provide the expertise through design thinking to ensure the advancement of this new way of building ventures, guaranteeing that businesses are a force for good for the environment, enabling social development (internally and externally) while thriving economically.

We are Climatr, and we are Designing for organizational sustainability and Climate Action.

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We are looking for smart hybrid talents that would help us build teams around divergent expertise, which enables us to solve problems and uncover sustainable opportunities in unique ways. Are you the person we are looking for? Send in your application, we'd like to meet.

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