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CliMatr is a management consultancy providing expertise on strategy, product development, core business operations and digital transformation solutions to help African start-ups and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) accelerate organizational development through a system-based sustainable approach.

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Sustainable Solutions

At the heart of our services is the advancement of organizational development through sustainable design as such, our goal is to empower you to take action towards regenerative design and climate action, cutting across the three major sectors of sustainable business development; economic, social and environmental.

Systems Thinking

We approach our services from a system perspective that moves from addressing our clients' issues to evaluating the effect our approaches will have on the whole organizational structure, ensuring that we deliver holistic solutions with an enterprise-wide sustainable effect.


We are transforming the way consultancy works by walking the talk with our clients and providing support throughout the life cycle of our solutions from design to deployment and monitoring.


What we offer!
Advisory and Management Consultancy

We offer systemic solutions to help organizations and entrepreneurs tackle their most pressing organizational problem

Corporate Sustainability

We are enabling organizations to find innovative approaches that will move them towards three key concepts of sustainable.....

Sustainable Business Structuring and Planning

Designed to provide a durable foundation and structure…

Business Improvement and Process Mapping

Whether your organization is looking to analyze the source of a problem, to maintain ISO 9001 standards, to gain insights from analysis, to leverage….

Strategic Communication and Digital Marketing

A complete digital marketing package designed to help organizations leverage the power of the internet to boost PR strategies, improve sales margins and...

Business Development

We create strategic business processes and road maps that are uniquely crafted for our clients to create long-term sustainable value...


Frequently asked Questions & Answers

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We will proceed with an initial consultation session. This is a free, short kick-off meeting in which we learn about each other and get a better understanding of your business situation. If there is a shared desire, we will work together to design a project in which we sign a contract paperwork to get started.

We are particularly interested in working with businesses of all domains and sizes helping our clients solve problems and uncover opportunities in unique ways.

Yes! In fact, we see ourselves as a startup for startups and SMEs, making us able to deliver unique solutions that addresses our clients needs. 

Driving Efficiency Across Nigeria's Retail Value Chain

We are building a community of retailers and retail solution providers.

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Retail and Climate Change

The R4C initiative is a community of retailers in Nigeria that is committed to using their businesses as a force for good for the environment.

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