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Cynthia Chisom Joins Inqumax Incubator as Partner

We are delighted to introduce Cynthia Chisom as our Partner at Inqumax. She will be playing a pivotal role in helping mentor and launch credible early-stage startups.

Cynthia brings enthusiasm, perseverance, and a track record of advising startups on high performance across board, as well as developing and managing tech products that address global issues while paving the way for economic growth, inclusion, and equity. We are confident she will help advance the agenda of the company towards building the next decade of sustainable startups on the continent.

“Inqumax’s vision is one that strikes a chord with me. Helping African startups adopt and infuse ESG principles into their business processes. Looking forward to driving this vision with all partners and successful portfolio startups.

Cynthia Chisom, Partner, Inqumax.



Inqumax is a sustainability-driven, early-stage tech incubator firm helping build the next decade of sustainable startups in Africa.

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