InquMax YouthUp Global Partnership

InquMax Announces Partnership with YouthUp Global

A timely partnership that seeks to grant stewardship towards enhancing human capital development through innovative entrepreneurship in Africa.

This partnership, as concluded on the 2nd of March, 2021, between Inqumax – a sustainability-driven tech incubator looking to groom the next decade of sustainable startups and entrepreneurs (the incubator offshoot of Climatr), and YouthUp Global– a community of vibrant youths from diverse backgrounds and regions seeking to build audience, improve their networks as well as create impacts, aims to provide a platform that will help budding entrepreneurs find expression and build out their ideas to fruition, and in the process, create boundless economic opportunities, mitigate environmental impacts and champion social initiatives to improve the livelihood of local communities and the continent at large.

Nigeria, a country characterized as having one of the world’s largest youth population of 33.7million with a median age of 18, where youth unemployment rates are often higher than overall unemployment rates (14.17% as at 2020), and Africa, according to AfDB, facing the challenge of creating nearly 12 million jobs to contain unemployment, experiences a devastating increase in the rate of extreme poverty.

Inqumax and YouthUp Global are looking to contribute our 2 cents to mitigating poverty and improving social mobility through granting access to continental and global entrepreneurial opportunities. We believe in mobilizing our huge numbers (working age) to our advantage; where we are able to harness potentials to create shared prosperity sustainably through integrated human capacity development.

With our strategic postures, we are gearing towards achieving the UNs Sustainable Development Goals SDG 8 and SDG 12.

World Economic Forum (Gates Foundation Goalkeepers report)Image: World Economic Forum (Gates Foundation Goalkeepers report)


To bring the action to our partnership, Inqumax in collaboration with YouthUp Global and other stakeholders will be kick-starting our maiden virtual pitch event (Pitchaton) on the 9th of March 2021, inviting budding entrepreneurs (early stage) across all parts of Nigeria to pitch their ideas and stand a chance to be incubated for a period of 3 months with the core objective of building an MVP and compelling traction and thereafter, help with raising first funding rounds (pre-seed and seed) from our angel investor network and venture capital partners for scale-up.

We are excited about the potentials this partnership holds for the startup community as well as the future of our continent!


Henry Ukoha

Founder/ General Partner





Faith Nwaobia

President & Founder

YouthUp Global



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