Inqumax Manifesto

  • Startups have a higher survival rate with the right foundations, guidance and mentorship.
  • First time founders / idea stage founders can build successful businesses with the right mentorship, guidance and resources.
  • You can find quality founders in Africa at the idea stage with amazing business concept capable of transforming the socio-economic and environmental conditions of their communities while making great returns for investors. 
  • You can find quality founders at the idea stage passionate about developing a solution and already taking steps to develop their solution but are looking for a platform to guide them through the process. These founders are not as sound as experienced founders but they do possess the entrepreneurship drive and deserve an opportunity.
  • We believe Africa can build sustainable ventures, addressing holistically the economic, environmental and social aspects of doing business.
  • To pioneer a culture of sustainable business development in Africa requires laying the foundations from the early days of a venture, ensuring the business grows with the principles of sustainable business development.
  • Building a sustainable business – one that considers the economic, environmental and social aspects of doing business is a skill and requires a lot of conviction. Entrepreneurs cannot afford to use the traditional method of building ventures to build the next decade of sustainable businesses that are innovative and resilient across its supply chain to the effects of climate change.
  • While building startups, following sustainable business development principles would give entrepreneurs the advantage of building products and services that are innovative, offers unique competitive advantage and differentiation while ensuring the brand maintains the ability to sustainably continue to deliver on their unique value offering.