the next decade of sustainable entrepreneurs!

Our Manifesto

Startups have a higher survival rate with the right foundations, guidance and mentorship.

First time founders / idea stage founders can build successful businesses with the right mentorship, guidance and resources.

You can find quality founders in Africa at the idea stage with amazing business concept capable of transforming the socio-economic and environmental conditions of their communities while making great returns for investors. 

What we provide our founders

Advisory Services

Structured lectures from our curriculum to ensure focus and growth in the right direction

Corporate Sustainability

Assistance with core business operations and business development (Product development and team development)

Business Structure

Access to Office Space, Bed Space, electricity and internet (for 2 to 3 team members)

Expert coaching and mentorship from experienced startup executive officers

Corporate Sustainability

Access to capital and potential investors interested in your industry sector

Management Training

Strategic Communications and Digital Marketing

Website Development

What's in it for us

Build sustainable startups to drive economic growth.

Encourage and empower idea stage/first time entrepreneurs with the skills, tools, and resources to build successful sustainable startups.

10% equity for our contribution to your dream.


We understand how cash strapped first time founders/idea stage founders can be. We do not Charge any fee for joining our incubator program.

Our focus is on supporting founders and their startups, to build attractive business and enable them raise their early funding rounds (pre seed and seed) while laying the foundations for economic, social and environmental sustainability.

We look at every application equally and our selection process is based on the overall quality of your application.

You do not need a special introduction to get accepted.


What we lookout for in founders we accept

InquMax is intrigued by smart and resourceful founders with impactful and scalable technology driven ideas/solutions addressing $bn markets. Priority is given to ideas/solutions with sustainable impact.

Our geographical focus is Nigeria at launch and we are sector agnostic.


Sustainable Development Goals we support


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