Life Cycle Assessment


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has emerged as an essential and widely recognized framework to understand and measure the environmental, social and economic attributes of a product, material or process. The framework uniquely identifies impacts in the context of established categories that are indicative, replicable and comparable. LCA tools can be leveraged to support supply chain decision-making, production optimization, compliance reporting, facility and supplier management.

Our Goal

Our mission at CliMatr is to help organizations in achieving their objectives and improve efficiency. We use the Open LCA, and Simapro from PRé. This enables us to be adaptable and responsive to your needs.
The ISO14040/44 set of international guidelines and related product type regulations for Environmental Product Declarations serve as the foundation for all of our work


Our Approach

Our targeted approach to data collection reduces the number of data requests sent to your facility managers and suppliers by up to 70% — without the need to purchase expensive software licenses.

Our LCA Process

Onsite Project Kickoff meeting to discuss the goal and scope of the project. A plant tour is recommended.

Collection of raw material data to the disclosure level required in the framework

Raw material assessment and supplier outreach

Collection and quality assurance of energy, water, transportation, and waste primary data

Management of third-party review process through final verification.

Development of customer use scenario(s)

Development of end-of-life scenario(s)

Development of LCA Model

Submission of the LCA report for third-party review

Computation of the Life Cycle Impact results

Formal interpretation and visualisation of the results

Completion of an ISO14040/44 compliant LCA report.