Corporate Sustainability/ESG Design

This service is designed to equip organizations with the capabilities needed to respond to environmental, social and governance material issues relating to their business.

Strategic Communication and Digital Marketing

The way a company communicates ESG in terms of management, strategy, progress and outcomes directly impacts how external stakeholders perceive ESG maturity, corporate culture and ability to create long-term value.

All stakeholders rely on public information to analyze a company’s ESG strategy hence, a company with limited publicly available information runs the risk of its most important stakeholders making assumptions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We reimagine, design and implement bespoke CSR initiatives that are impactful, relatable and scalable, thus having catalytic effects across a business value chain and its diverse stakeholder groups.

We deem CSR an effective tool for driving systemic social and ethical change across board for our clients which encapsulates both Non-profit and For-profit businesses and organisations. We collaborate with our clients to set up efficient evaluating and communicating systems that helps report on its Social Returns on Investment (SROI) to its relevant stakeholders.

Social Impact

We employ the best toolkits and frameworks to help businesses and organisations attain ‘corporate citizenship status’- We conduct thorough Social impact assessments across target stakeholder groups to help businesses execute tailored socio-cultural and environmental initiatives geared towards community development, capacity building etc. whilst ensuring such initiatives are compliant with the relevant ESG standards and relatable to our clients business model.

Our deliverables include:

-Planning and Scoping

-Data collection and baseline development

-Impact analysis

-Impact mitigation and management

-Monitoring, evaluation, communicating and reporting.

Portfolio Impact

The impact of climate change presents a portfolio risk to all commercial real estate assets. Our portfolio impact assessment accounts for impact on our client’s asset as well as the insurance and maintenance costs.

Scenario Planning

We enable our clients plan for a climate catastrophe with detailed disclosure on navigating physical, transition and market/labor risks. This helps our clients measure risks and climate impact level to their business model and across their supply chain.

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