What does “sustainability” mean for Africa?

The term “sustainability” is currently in vogue. This is both good and bad for a word that has a significant impact and is now driving policy, economic decisions, and political discourse. The risk is that sustainability will simply become a label slapped on any project, movement, or startup, and this risk is magnified in places like Africa, where, as Auma Obama, half-sister to former US President Barack Obama, puts it, “[the] Green economy means nothing to them.”

You can easily Google “sustainability” to find out what it means. What sustainability means for Africa is a different story. It is an undefined, unknown quality that we, as African innovators working in the environment, energy, and people solution spaces, must confront and solve. We must solve our own peculiar algebra – for x, for what sustainability means for Africa.

To better understand what that journey entails and to stay up to date on the innovations and policy moves that will underpin our solutions, Climatr is announcing the launch of CliMatr Digest, a weekly publication on innovation, policy, and the human stories of sustainability projects in Africa. The publication will be founded on three pillars: the environment, the people, and the economy. Highlighting the impacts and effects, risks, and opportunities that these factors have on the long-term viability of businesses.

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